Last meeting

Julie George, Regional Legacy Manager from Cancer Research UK gave us a fascinating talk about the sort of research that they fund and also about their fund-raising.  One focus of the research is to tailor the treatment to the patient.  As a powerful demonstration of how ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, we all tasted a small slip of paper.  About half of us couldn’t detect anything, a few just a slight taste but the rest detected a strong ‘nasty’ taste.

She went on to give a graphic illustration of how cancer cells are hidden and difficult to detect relative to viruses.  This led to her emphasizing strongly how important early diagnosis is in enabling successful treatment of cancer.

To illustrate the extraordinary variety of objects left to the charity, she showed us a series of photos and asked us to guess how much each raised at auction.  Nothing donated to them is ever wasted – if unsaleable as single objects, they are sold as mixed waste.  The charity has no funding from the Government and is totally reliant on donations from the public.  A very worthwhile cause!

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