Last meeting

We were due to have a presentation from Marcia and Tracey from Public Health Wales on the new NHS Accessibility Information Standard. Unfortunately, they had a breakdown on the M4 and waited 3 hours for the breakdown truck and, so, never arrived. We will rearrange asap.

Doug told the meeting that the gift promised from Peter Howard’s will had now been paid to the Welsh Council for Deaf People (WCDP) but Peter had expressed the wish that it be used for the benefit of our Group. We still did not know the exact amount but did know that it was rather more than a few hundred pounds.

The committee had discussed various ways in which this could best be spent. An obvious one was to ensure that the lip reading classes continue as long as the demand is there. A better loop system for our meetings was another priority as was provision for a Christmas Party and summer outings. Jean suggested that we continue to have just two outings – Spring and Autumn – as in the past but with one longer one in the summer. This could be a two or three day trip with hotel stay. This met with general approval.

The research that Professor Culling had told us about at the November meeting was very relevant to the sort of hearing loss that Peter had endured. Hence, sponsorship of a PhD student or grants for equipment for that research would be an excellent use of larger sums if they were available.

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