Christmas Party 2017

A total of 35 members and friends enjoyed an excellent meal at the Towers Hotel in Jersey Marine. Thanks to all who attended and got into the spirit of the occasion. We hope that you enjoyed the festivities. We had the same very comfortable private room as last year which was quiet due to carpet, sound absorbing ceiling tiles and thick table cloths. If only all restaurants were like that! The staff were also very attentive and helpful. Letters of thanks have been written to the Towers and to the Big Lottery who made it all possible.

However, even more thanks are due to Jean who collected the menu choices, made sure we all knew what we had ordered, wrapped the various prizes for both the raffle and the ‘pass the parcel’ game. The latter game had 4 prizes – Christmas puddings – as the large number of members meant we needed 4 separate tables. This had an extra benefit in making conversation with other members a lot easier.

Many thanks are also due to Alison who did an awful lot in the background, including typing out the song sheets, operating the music for ‘pass the parcel’ and for the singalong.

A highlight of the afternoon was an extremely slimmed down version of Cinderella. Yvonne was the star as Cinderella; her response to everything, whether the Ugly Sister (Doug) saying ‘Press my frock’ or the Prince (Jean) asking ‘Will you marry me?’ was a very half hearted ‘Alright’! Alison was the Fairy Godmother and Robin the narrator.

Further high class entertainment was provided by songs from both Yvonne and Janice – both separately and in a duet. Even more talent was exposed by Geoff’s recitation of ‘Albert and the Lion’ and, appropriately for the wintry weather, ‘Up’ards’ both by Marriott Edgar.

Finally, we had a ‘mystery guest’. No one guessed who this might be – five thought it might be Elvis, others thought Santa or anyone else from Bonnie Tyler to Winston Churchill. In fact, it turned out to be Lord Henry Hoodwink – dressed as Mae West! He explained that Lady Henrietta was ill and somehow he had been forced to wear the costume – in which he felt not only very stupid but was unable to walk properly. Nor was he much good at a feminine American accent but nonetheless entertained with some Mae West quotes and introduced a selection of ‘singalong’ tunes.

The mystery guest arrives!


Albert and the Lion

The slipper doesn’t fit!

Final song

Rosemary picks raffle ticket

Drawing the raffle

What a joke!

The troops assemble


You may go to the ball!

‘White Christmas’

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